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After having to do my project on education and learning process I agree about the skills and attitude that should be encouraged. Practice makes you better. Stick with it because it's worth doing -- win or lose. Get the joy from the activity -- not just for the reward. Failure is how we learn.

But, this obsession with criticizing or mocking participation trophy's is just non-sense. It's not even a little factor in character building. We all like to get things. Look at adult events. Nobody is confused about whether they won or not or whether they are on a club team or an elite team.

There are bigger issues in this regard in the academic grading world -- where mistakes are punished and aren't just part of the continuum of learning.

The only criticism I can take seriously regarding participation awards is that they are a waste of budgets and end up in the landfill. They are a non-issue with regard to the future character of our youth.

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Education is a most important thing of our personality and we can learn in every age. Whether we are a child or whether we are adults and whether we are old age. We must try to need importance of education and value of an educated person. Because education makes us perfect. I appreciated your work, thanks.

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