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We actually have been imagine that we have it it's a patented unique skin care product has natural botanical ingredients Neuroflexyn the patented Mike respectively every system is unlike anything we've ever had before results that we've seen is never in another skincare in my entire career have I ever seen anything do this not this quickly and certainly not to.

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Behind you or unit start to give you trouble it's normal in the beginning just keep trying I do it a I'm good day lowest and I'm and then I had to use my food than 100 million that mean you'll be happy to know that you're done with the toughest part of the former pastor is good now will begin the fine-tuning and 1304 wrestle the backend Yankees in thank you that learned I'm mom timed and walkthrough and when you guys thought he was again to the kneeling own Thomas and rock your hips now Derma lay Anti Aging Collagen Complex.

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More rest but they're yeah to mats all good sex okay you can use %uh principal again with a bent over rows if you need a rest to stand up straight don’t drop the weights to don't site spring sprung into life right good morning 22 actually do a few more just I am not just make sure that you go have you next time yes I remember watched and I that that making notes yet okay 20 reps here we go again hit the left wondering you're on Troy trust very good for that saw lots right there sick stretch it out stretch it out.

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Your femur for your big by bothwork your way down even further you got your big lower leg bone which is called yourtibia and that's kinda meet here the two it's right here in the front andlast but not least you got this smaller bone called your stabile and while most people don't talk aboutit only absorbs about 10 percent your body so in most people are talking abouttheir lower leg they're typically talking about the tibia the purses the saved now to have abetter understanding the bombs let's see how they all work.

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